Tuesday, October 27, 2009

im boooooored as usual..... where is my life.......lifeless betul .. zzzz

11:44 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

heya!! im alive!! :D:D:D

to be honest. i sleeps freaking early these days
and im freaking busy these days too! DAMN

class starts 830 every freaking morning so i gotta wake up by 630!
*most of u /everyone knows im not a morning person! blardy hell~~~
ended by 1210
*but with that stupid teacher. its just freaking bored.
haha! so anyway! my amazing frens just LOVES to walk UNDER THE HOT SUN
1st day : we walked all de freako way to the mall. 2-miles-away :D
2nd day : we walked to lee's sandwich! another mile away. and back since
me, salil, in joon and bryanna needs to get de TB test.
OMFG! its freaking scary! they pump the med into ur skin and it looks like a lump!
*no pictures available cause im freaking scared
so anyway~ while we were waiting~ *the med and everything is just beside the health center entrance* everybody hu comes in just took a / few packets of condoms and went back out.
Oh! and dun forget those lubricants right beside it! ahahahah!! omfg!
*its funny they are trying to protect and yet giving lubricant!?
and yes ppl. those are frrreeeeeeeeeeee *hu want sum? :D
so! we proceed to target store....with lotsa lotsa pictures!! hahaha!!
we ended up dead. and my shoe's tore. with a very beautiful tan line on my feet! :D
*pictures are available once i got my lappy (sadly im gonna use dell too...but mine will def be better! if u know wat im talking about! :D )
3rd day / 2day : we went to de cinemas!!! AHHAAHH!!
we were actually debating. infront of the counter. to watch either
"district 9, PONYO! , inglorious bastard , or sumthing else i dun rmb"
i dunno how it ended up with district 9 since salil is holding the tickets~
*not gonna trust u in anything anymore!
overall! i rate district 9 with a beautiful 0/10.
i got freaking bored of it in just 10 mins! de aliens are ugly!


and so~ we started cinema hopping!!
we went from district 9 . to ponyo. den inglorious bastard. and ended up in nothing we expected..

its more of a teenage moviiie~~
so its not really dat dramatic or anything like tat.
rating will be 6/10
i'll giv it a 7/10 if the main star gets a hair cut!
we can never go wrong with cute movies like dis! ;)

everything ended up by 5!
and dramas comes and goes~
stupid immigrants! mind ur blardy own business!! BIATCH!

im really happy rite now!! gonna sleep over in tati's 2morrow!!
i finally gotta come on9! :D but was just a few mins till my sis got it back..there goes my chatlogs...
sorry ppl! not my fault!
bubye ppl!! :D:D

2:50 PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

after a long flight.
ppl tends to rest b4 getting into action
... about every other stuffs....

i got stuck with orientation, opening accounts, eating stone-like-bread.
and best of all jet lag! WuuutheHeellllll!!!

1) de stupid uncle. sitting beside me de whole 14hrs journey from taiwan to san francisco.
attendant : what would u like to drink
me: *ok. ATLEAST get a screwdriver
uncle : oh! she's underage!
attendant : coffee? or tea?

*he dun even know hu's jay chow. he's taiwanese

anyway~ after de flight.
i gotta go for my orientation within 12 hours. :D
so much for my resting time!!
*i havent unpack yet! its dam hard to find my clothes!! T.T

orientation's alrite~~.... .... ....
80~90% are CHINESE.
40% hongkies
and there's taiwanese
chinese from the mainland
and my 2 indonesian chinese frens
and i find no malaysian .. yet?
WaaaaaoooooooOoOOOo... WTF?!?!?!
even compaired to malaysia! WUTHELL!!

so im half dead in the orientation.
felt like sleeping. all day long~ during the test~ annnd watever
finish up everything around ... 4.
get my bank account and done by 5
had my dinner dam freaking early, 6
slept in by 8.
woke up by 10
*got kacaued by my sister, complaining dam loudly that im very unorganized, to my mom. :D
blog by 12.

so much for my first day! =\

i miss my nightlife.
i miss my friends.
i miss my family.
i miss my car.

3:19 PM

Monday, August 17, 2009

i've finally reached taipei!! yes.. only taipei. =\
anyway! dis post is to thank all dudes and babes dat sent me off + msgs!
ahahaha!! and wttthhhh~~ im already checking out de liquor counter! ngakaka! :D :D chat up in msn ppls!! muah!! love u!!

* and yes kayme, u win! ahaha. no pictures are with me! and i guess i may be to lazy for blogging~ depends! :D haha!!

8:13 PM

Monday, July 27, 2009

ok. im just freaking bored rite now
and so~ i decided to start packing!!! :D:D

i know its kinda late already
but.. hu cares!! :D
my mom's been going on and on saying im not giving a damn.
and dere goes my dad too~
anyway im always so lazy till just a few days back when i talk to airin and her word hits me

"u're practically packing up ur whole room"

which i find it shockingly true
and august is in just another week.
HAHAHAHA!! I know i dam slow. SO WHAT?!
it slowly mesmerize into me dat im going to live dere. and not on vacation!
so yea...


4:07 PM

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

camwhoring session b4 de night!
*didnt take much pics during* xPp
anyway~ yi zhong overnight at my house!!
Cheers!! XD

my zhong zhong!
our driver for de nite! :D
thank you!!!

my new fren Jonathan!mamak time!
kim ordering roti canai! the pretty! *hearts*

10:06 PM

first of all. thanks alot to Kim Soon!! our driver to bon odori festival!!
and yi zhong!! i love u babe!!! with ur candid shot! XD
while we're in bon odori

cheng hoe, me and ah zhu

met rave dere.

jeff and I

Me and Wee
i Love my balloon
last few pics b4 we leave tat place :D

me and de balloon~ XD

9:35 PM